So Long, Old Friend

This post was a bit late to write but nonetheless, I want to make time to write about the recent farewell I had to do with my dearest partner in crime. The Lenovo ThinkPad E450, the same model I had when I was working in a mobility tech startup/company in Jakarta back in 2016.

I realized I never named this guy

Operation P&A

Since the beginning of time, mankind had looked upon the starry night sky and wondered, “Is there a stuffed animal too hard to obtain?” After travelling as far as 558 miles and 2 days of searching, I found the answer…

After recovering from my second depression there wasn’t a plenty of opportunities to test whether I’ve already gotten back to my feet and back to the old and capable me (or even better: whether I’ve improved and moved forward). Hence, when such challenge arose, it didn’t take long to convince myself to partake in this quest.

“So what was the challenge?” you might ask. It was simple; there was a stuffed animal I would like to get my hands on and the success parameter was whether I can obtain it or not. What made the challenge more interesting was I had to find exactly the same stuffed animal, and it wasn’t sold in Indonesia.

The next logical thing to do was to book a flight ticket to the place I knew selling the stuffed animal (quite impulsive, but I digress), and thus my quest to gauge my current self began. Did I succeed? Did I finally get the doll? Did anything interesting happen over my trip? To know about those, I invite you to find a nice spot, take a comfortable seat, and read over the report of my intriguing journey, dubbed “Operation P&A”!

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Introducing: Competition Page

Hai para pembaca, apa kabar? Sebelumnya, walaupun sudah agak telat, selamat tahun baru 2014! Semoga di tahun yang baru ini segala resolusi yang sudah dibuat dapat terwujud dan tidak teronggok menjadi wacana semata.

Tujuan post kali ini adalah untuk mengenalkan page baru pada blog ini, yaitu page Competition!

Bagi para pembaca setia blog ini pasti tau kalau dulu gw sering share info lomba pemrograman. Tiap ada info lomba baru pasti ada post baru dan gw basa-basi tentang itu lomba apa, siapa yang ngadain, jadwal, pengalaman gw ikutan (kalo gw pernah ikut), dan beberapa softcopy soal dari lomba tahun sebelumnya yang gw punya.

Judge’s Journal: OSN 2013, Bandung


Indeed, this blog is not dead yet.

Hai semua! Apa kabar? Rasanya sudah lama sekali sejak terakhir gw menulis sesuatu di blog ini. Padahal libur panjang kemarin rencananya pengen nambah-nambahin tutorial programming, masukin info lomba, dan benerin foto yang rusak di blog, tapi apa daya gw didapuk jadi ketua tim soal OSN 2013, jadinya blog ini sekali lagi harus terbengkalai T_T (jadi, buat pembaca setia blog ini, mohon maaf jika ada info lomba yang terlewat).

Yak, kali ini gw akan menceritakan pengalaman gw selama tepat seminggu main ke Bandung sebagai juri OSN 2013. Seperti jurnal-jurnal sebelumnya, setiap halaman terpisah akan menceritakan pengalaman 1 hari penuh.

Selamat menikmati. 😀

CompFest 2013

Sesuai janji, kali ini gw bakal ngomongin “Fest” yang tentunya kalian semua udah tau. “Fest” yang satu ini merupakan kegiatan tahunan (dan sedikit banyak sudah menjadi “tradisi tahunan”) mahasiwa Fakultas Ilmu Komputer UI. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, CompFest 2013!.

Logo CompFest 2013

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